ACT International is the Dutch representative of European toy manufacturers.

Currently we are representing in The Netherlands: FAMOSA, FEBER, DINO BIKES, AURELIA, SUPERMAG TOYS, REMI, JOUSTRA and DINO TOYS with TATRA Trucks.

FAMOSA is the Spanish manufacturer of several doll lines but very well known for the concepts of Pinypon and Nenuco.

FEBER is specialist in outdoor toys, battery vehicles, foot to floor items and trikes made in Spain. Feber is also presenting products with strong licences such as; Range-Rover, Aston Martin, Ferrari and Disney licences; Cars3, Frozen and Princess.

DINO BIKES is an Italian manufacturer providing a broad line of children bikes to The Netherlands. All main licences can be found in this line as well.

AURELIA stands for top products in a range of 20” up to 28” bikes, with high-tech specifications.

SUPERMAG Toys (formerly Plastwood) is the Italian manufacturer of “magnetic construction toys”. With KLIKY and PICCOLI MONDI for the youngest, the classic Supermag range and new this year: SUPERMAG 3D-magnetic puzzles!

REMI is added to our portfolio with two strong concepts. This Polish manufacturer started production of their KORBO line only two years ago. Think, build and spin!! is the slogan used on the appealing international gift boxes, the complete KORBO line is available included Dutch text. KOGGI are the biggest toy bricks in the world. In a durable quality, suitable for indoor and outdoor. The KOGGI sets are ideal for: schools, kindergartens, toy library’s, game corners in cafes, restaurants etc.

JOUSTRA is a well-known name in creative items with growing collection and more distribution in the Dutch market. Special attention will be given to the new products of; FUNNY EXPERIENCES!

DINO Toys, this Czech company continues to extend their licence program with TATRA, the 72cm TATRA 148-dumper trucks with a carrying weight of 100kgs, are now available in different colours. Additional this year are the 30cm Tatra trucks in different styles and Tatra accessories.

On our website we help consumers to get information about availability of the toy products. To the trade and Business to Business (B2B) we will gladly provide information on request.

Aad Keijzer

About ACT International

ACT International was launched on 9 January 2009 by Aad Keijzer, who has been active in the toy retail trade for 40 years and is still passionate about toys in all shapes and forms.

This website has been completely renewed to present the available information in a more up to date way, by making use of the existing data and movies on: Websites, YouTube channels and Social Media.

The website is intended for everyone! For children, consumers and B2B toy buyers, providing the latest news about toys. At this site there is a lot of information to be found, with direct links to the sites of the manufacturers and to Dutch web-shops who are selling the products. For B2B there are direct links to websites from wholesalers in The Netherlands.

Can I buy toys through this website?

ACT International has itself no products in stock and is certainly not a web-shop for consumers, there are also no opportunities to buy toys directly from the manufacturers in the portfolio.

All the toys of the manufacturers Famosa, Feber, Dino Bikes, Aurelia, Supermag Toys, Remi, Joustra and Dino Toys run through existing sales channels.

Photo by: Ashton French

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